Check The Plumbing in Your House on Occasion

You have been careful about checking every plumbing fixture and pipe in your home, but there may still come a time when you encounter a problem that requires professional assistance. Chances are there is no shortage of plumbers to choose from in your area so how do you find the one who can provide the best plumbing rates? Below are some general tips to follow to achieve that goal as well as resolving your plumbing issues as soon as possible.

You may not run into plumbing issues very often, but when you do they can be a real hassle. Fortunately, most of them can actually be fixed yourself fairly easily. All it takes is a bit of knowledge and a few simple tools and you’ll soon be on your way to performing your own plumbing repairs and avoiding the potentially high costs of hiring a professional plumber.

Handy Tools For Plumbing

Plunger – Arguably the most popular plumbing tool that most people have is the plunger. By using the application of force and vacuum, plungers can be used to help unclog all sorts of drains, including but not limited to toilets that most people may associate them with. Bear in mind that plungers can come in a variety of styles and sizes so you know what kind to purchase for different types of plumbing. What all plungers have in common is the general design: a rubber cup attached to what is usually a wooden shaft that serves as a handle. Sink plungers generally look like a ball that has simply been cut in half while toilet plungers are somewhat mushroom-shaped.

Pipe Wrench – While perhaps not as commonly owned, the pipe wrench is the classic plumbing tool that comes to mind for most people when they think of “plumbing”. Widely considered a must-have for any plumber, pipe wrenches allow gripping around objects of a wide variety of shapes and sizes thanks to its adjustable design. As the name suggests, they are usually used on pipes, whether securing or removing them.

Pliers – While normal pliers can be used for plumbing repairs and even be interchangeably used with wrenches in certain situations, plumbing pliers are usually highly adjustable and have an irregular clamp shape. Such a design allows for better gripping on rounded objects such as piping, naturally.

Drain Snake – Possibly the least known plumbing tool and maybe even the most intimidating, drain snakes are fairly straightforward to operate and can be very useful in solving what may appear to be major plumbing issues without enlisting professional assistance. Thanks to its rigid yet flexible design with an auger at the end, drain snakes can remove tougher clogs when plungers can’t get the job done. They can be pushed and navigated through piping with relative ease to otherwise hard-to-reach places. Like plungers, drain snakes can be useful in a variety of situations ranging from toilets to bath tub drains. While they tend to be the most expensive tool on this list, they can arguably also prove to be the best investment.

Teflon Tape – Also called thread seal tape or plumber’s tape, teflon tape is used to secure pipe leakages. They are commonly applied on the pipe’s threading to provide an effective sealing surface when connecting piping together. Think of it as the duct tape of the plumbing world.

As you can see, investing in just a few tools and learning how to use them can save you on potential costs and headaches that may come with hiring a plumber. With a little practice, many common household plumbing mishaps can quickly and easily resolved on your own.

If you decide to call someone for help then here is a great local plumbing company you can trust.

These guys are a full service plumbing company able to deal with all business or home service needs, including the likes of routine maintenance, new installation, repair of leaks and any sort of work in residential and commercial settings. Tub, tap or toilet… whatever it is that you are looking for you can call on us to send out a qualified plumber to take care of things in a polite and efficient fashion.

Emergency Plumbing

Repairs can run from the minor variety – like a dripping tap – to more significant ones which are, or may be, disastrous. Our specialist plumbers have got the experience, skills and tools to remedy almost any challenge that you experience, and they’re experts at any plumbing task from leak troubleshooting to re-piping.

We can remedy any plumbing issue which could occur in your home or commercial property. For any plumbing emergencies, please call us. We’ve always got a 24 hour emergency plumber available and will dispatch to your property ASAP. Any time day or night, you can depend on us for attentive and fast support whatever you emergency. We know how worrying plumbing related issues can be, especially when it is an unexpected emergency out of regular business hours.

Installations of All Types

We have a long standing reputation for high quality work. Regardless if you need to get a bit of pipe insulation or a nice new toilet installed, or you need a re-pipe or installation in a commercial or residential premises, we have the skills and working experience to make certain all jobs are completed to code.

We are also an established leader for modernizing plumbing systems in old homes, something that we’ve been working on for many years. Our residential and commercial plumbing service is a great choice for either contemporary homes or older properties all over greater Vancouver.

Pioneer Plumbing and Heating

Best Way to Clean Your Water Heater

You should always be careful when ever you clean out your storage tanks. I would like to share some home maintenance tips with you that could save you a lot of money. If you’re planning on cleaning out your water heater, to remove calcium deposits, it’s time to start paying attention and to put your thinking caps on.

Here’s The Scoop

It was about 20 years ago, and I had just purchased my first home. I was a young general contractor on a mission to maintain the house that I was living in. We bought the house from the government and it had been sitting vacant for a few months as all of the local skateboarders used the swimming pool as a community skateboard facility.

This should give you, a pretty good idea what the condition was of the house. Knowing what I knew, I decided to clean out the water storage tank, even though there wasn’t anything wrong with the water heater. This is where you need to pay attention, especially if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, who’s looking for a few home maintenance tips.

I hooked the garden hose up to the water tank drain valve, but when I went to turn the drain valve on, it wouldn’t budge. I noticed that there was a little bit of corrosion around the water heaters drain valve and this was a good sign, that the inside of the water storage tank could be damaged also.

I got some channel locks and proceeded to turn the drainage valve on, only to find out that I had just broken off the handle. I looked at that drain valve and it was something that I could replace with an ordinary hose bit. This is where things get a little more interesting. When I went to remove the water heater drain valve it was corroded enough to break it into small pieces, with out removing it from the water heater tank.

By the time I had assessed the damage that I had done to the water heater and the water heater drainage valve, it was time to go purchase another water heaters. I purchased another water heater and installed it, but I needed to know how bad the old waters heater was damaged.

I took a saw and cut the waters heater in half, only to find out that the inside of the heater storage tank was clean and there wasn’t any calcium deposits for lime damage. I had just wasted an entire day and spent around $200 for a new waters heater and it just didn’t make sense.

The moral to this story is, “If it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it.” If you have a water heater drainage valve that won’t turn, don’t force it to open. If you do, you could find yourself in the same situation that I was in 20 years ago.

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